The Power of Holistic Massage for Elderly Care

Holistic massage

Ingredients for Magical Results in Holistic Massage Therapy for the Elderly

There are many ingredients that require being formulated together to create magical results when using holistic massage therapy for the elderly. The technical and practical parts are some of the vital ingredients for sure; however, the real magic is created and experienced by the elderly when receiving holistic massage therapy – when the following ingredients are poured into the treatment while caring for the elderly.

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Essential Qualities of a Holistic Therapist for Elderly Care

The holistic therapist giving holistic therapy to the older person must naturally within them have what I like to call Gazillions Of Kindness in their being!

  • As we say at Forever Therapies, the residents are gold, not old! Amen to that!
  • A big beaming smile when introducing one’s self or greeting the elderly.
  • A confident tone of voice that can be projected well as often an older person may need you to speak at a louder volume than you normally would do.

The Impact of Kindness and Warmth in Holistic Massage Therapy

Within the therapist’s confident delivery of voice, there must also be the essential ingredient of kindness with an emphatic tone of voice and warmth that naturally flows out from the holistic therapist that then the older person can easily receive. I like to describe it as a true heart-to-heart exchange which flows back and forth effortlessly from the holistic therapist to the elderly.

Humour also goes a long way! Laughter is the best medicine, after all! The holistic therapist ever so gently places their hand onto the top part of the fingers of the older person or places a kind and gentle hand to meet the older person’s shoulder.

The Skin’s Response to a Kind and Caring Touch

These gentle, non-invasive touch points are to help bring about a feeling of safety, relaxation and connection between the therapist and the elderly! This leads to the older person’s skin being enveloped in a cloak of comfort and warmth! After all, the skin is the body’s largest organ – It is extremely responsive to a kind and caring touch. This is why holistic massage for the elderly, when done correctly, is very beneficial for the overall well-being of the older person.

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Providing Holistic and Relaxation Therapy in Nursing Homes

We have provided holistic and relaxation therapy services in nursing homes in Ireland since 2006! Mainly in the greater Dublin areas, Bray and Co. Wicklow. We visit our nursing home clients between once and 3 times a week, and we look after as many residents as possible with our holistic and relaxation therapies within the chosen package the nursing home management and activities team have signed up to.

Incredible Results and Positive Feedback from Elderly Residents

In these 17 years of us Forever Therapies looking after the residents providing our services, the results we have witnessed as a team are simply incredible. The residents express to us therapists that they really love our holistic therapies and that they look forward to seeing us each week!

The residents that are not in a position to express verbally we receive and witness these residents’ feedback by how their shoulders drop down to meet their heart, to the unclenching of their hands and feet to their facial muscles relaxing downwards! To the shifting of mood, going from maybe slightly tense or somewhat agitated to moving into a much calmer and relaxed mood/space after receiving our holistic and relaxation therapies. 

Bringing Happiness and Contentment through Holistic Therapies

Many of our nursing home clients in which many clients have been using our holistic-based services for years that, include the activities team and management have expressed to us many times that our services are much loved and are very beneficial for the residents and that we are a firm favourite as part of their activities schedule. There is no greater reward in life to know that, in some way, you have helped to bring a little more happiness and contentment into another precious being’s life and day.

Experience the Marigold Programme

Embrace Comfort, Creativity, and Connection

At Forever Therapies, we believe in cherishing the precious lives of everyone in your nursing home. Our Marigold package is thoughtfully designed to infuse more comfort, creativity, relaxation, and friendship into the lives of your residents and staff alike. 
With a special focus on the beautiful residents, our holistic and relaxation therapies, combined with our new comfort through the senses programme and Marigold recordings, offer a truly uplifting experience. Join us on this journey of care and compassion, and let us sow the seeds of comfort, creativity, and connection in your nursing home in Ireland. Click the link to explore the Marigold Programme today! ?

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