The Inspiration Behind Comfort Through The Senses With Forever Therapies 

The summertime sunshine was in full bloom when the season was at its prime in July 2021. Forever Therapies was finally able to resume offering relaxation and holistic therapies to our cherished and wonderful residents who reside in our nursing homes in Ireland. We do weekly visits to deliver our therapeutic services. 

What Took Place?

COVID-19’s global takeover occurred at an unfortunate time. Our long-standing holistic therapy services were halted in March 2020, similar to many other nursing homes and therapy service centres in Dublin.

The month of March is regarded as the one in which spring has truly arrived. The cheery hues of the daffodil’s body, with yellow petals, typically lifts everyone’s spirit.

Sadly, when the plans for a global lockdown started to come together, it was not to be.

Nearly every living thing in the world experienced an explosion of chaos in their nervous systems.

For many seasons and even a lifetime for some people, worry never stopped. Many people wondered if life as they knew it would ever return, which caused them to feel great sadness and fear. 

Even the best nursing homes in Ireland were at a loss for words as they attempted to offer their residents the best solutions possible during the crisis.

This was the first time since 2006 that we did not get to see our lovely residents. This was the year that my grandmother, Lizzie, inspired me to launch Forever Therapies and start working with nursing home residents. Only during the Christmas break did we not visit the residents and offer them our lovely relaxation therapies. The team at Forever Therapies missed the residents terribly.

Thankfully, most of us started to breathe a little easier in July 2021, and life gradually started to rebirth itself in some way. Along with reconnecting with our wonderful nursing home clients, we were able to resume our therapy services with the residents. Everything was once again on the table, from aromatherapy to relaxing massage services.

This was absolutely amazing for my team and I, and we were eager to get going again!

How Comfort Through The Senses Began

Innovation is always sparked by needs.  It was at one of our wonderful clients who shall remain unnamed. They had some reservations regarding the re-introduction of touch therapies in light of the devastation the pandemic had caused. Some of our clients were naturally extra cautious. They were eager for us to come back, though, as they were aware of the tremendous advantages our therapies had over the years for the residents. 

They requested that we develop a brand-new program that, at least initially, did not involve touch in order to give things time to settle down. It was this request that served as the impetus for our program, Comfort Through The Senses. 

I put on my creative hat and designed a very unique therapy program that engaged and stimulated the residents’ senses while also providing comfort and a sense of connection without the element of touch.

Where We Are So Far

Comfort Through The Senses has proven to be a huge hit among our clients. We made the decision to keep offering this program to the residents every week. Thankfully, our touch massage therapies in Dublin have also come back. Touch is one of the most potent and soothing senses we can experience, as we all know. Each week, Maeve, our brilliant and compassionate therapist, delivers this very special program to our clients.

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