Our Therapies

How we Work

Our holistic and relaxation therapies are designed to complement the needs of the resident. We want to create a delicate balance between the resident, who guides and tells us what they want and need, and the therapist, using our considered judgment and insight as to what will work best for the individual. We, the therapist, along with the residents, the staff members, and the family members, work together and enter into a dialogue to discover the most suitable type of therapy and care required.

Our services include a variety of holistic-based massage therapies & mini beauty therapies.

We as a team at Forever Therapies have various different therapy qualifications and experience. These include, but are not limited to, holistic massage,Indian head massage, aromatherapy,reflexology, reiki therapy, counselling therapy, yoga therapy, amatsu therapy, beauty therapy, facials, manicures, and pedicures. Not every therapist is trained in all of these modalities but as a team these are our collective skill sets. Each member of our team will without exception treat each and every resident like they are gold, because they are. Our focus is always the same each and every time we enter into a commitment of care – to bring connection, comfort and friendship, as much as it is possible, to each resident.  

Our therapy services take place between once and twice weekly, on site, in our nursing home client locations.

There are currently 3 therapy session options available.

  1. Our 2 hour therapy session. We see 6/7 residents.
  2. Our 3 hour therapy session.We see 10/11 residents.
  3. Our ⅚ hour therapy session.We see 20/21 residents.
  4. We spend on average 15 minutes with each resident.
  • Comfort Through The Senses

These are our therapies available as a collective team, not every therapist is trained in all these modalities. 


The benefits of Forever Therapies services in your nursing home is that the resident experiences more relaxation and a greater sense of comfort. Some residents will feel a sense of deep relaxation while other residents will experience a more moderate sense of calmness. 

We work on a one-to-one basis with each resident which enables a depth of connection between us the therapist and the resident. 

During the time spent with residents on our weekly visits, a special friendship forms and we hear regularly from the residents that they look forward to seeing us again next week.

For the residents who are less verbal the benefits of our therapies are seen with the eye. From the resident closing their eyes, to their shoulders gently dropping down, to their hands becoming less clenched and the fingers loosening out, to their feet and toes becoming less rigid while resting on the back of the soft chair, to the resident smiling after their therapy, which is one of the nicest sights to behold. 

Many times over the years, both the activities teams and nursing and management teams have expressed to us that the residents are considerably more relaxed after our weekly visits. With some individuals, the positive effects of our therapies have been very significant, including residents who do not like to participate in other activities.   

Some of our testimonials are on view on our website so do read them and you can hear what our nursing home clients and residents themselves have expressed since having our services on board.

The benefits of our Forever Therapies service for the residents are:

An increased feeling of comfort.

A greater feeling of calmness and relaxation.

A reduction in levels of anxiety.

A nurturing of the residents' emotional needs.

Dedicated one-to-one tailored services.

In July 2021, one of our nursing home clients asked us to design a new programme which we could roll out as a new service for their residents – Comfort Through Our Senses. After only a few weeks of our CTOS, it is thankfully already proving to be a great success!

Muriel one of the amazing residents listening to our Marigold Recordings Christmas Special