How Can Massage Therapy Benefit the Elderly?

Working as part of a team as a therapist with Forever Therapies, whilst providing holistic & relaxation treatments to residents in nursing homes, is such a rewarding experience!

Connecting with Your Community

When I started visiting these lovely ladies & gentlemen, I had no idea what a difference our relaxation therapies would make and I feel very privileged to be a part of that.

Making lovely connections week after week with seniors building friendships and seeing their smiles and welcoming gestures is a joy. Touch therapy provides warmth and comfort to those that need it most.

The Importance of Touch in Therapy

Sometimes you can visibly see that a resident has been a little stressed or maybe out of sorts and to watch the eyelids drop, the shoulders relax and simply observing the deep sense of calmness, comfort and relaxation wash over them, is magical.  

I realised how close I had become to the residents and during the lockdown it became more apparent than ever, I really missed the lovely residents and my heart broke for them.  Touch is so important, without it, there is loneliness.

When you can see and feel the positive results that the residents experience, that is a reward in itself.

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