The Marigold Package

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All quotations and poems written by Georgina

A full-circle holistic service based on a feel-good experience for the precious residents, their families, and your staff members.

Our unique Marigold package is specifically created to help bring more comfort, creativity, connection, relaxation, and friendship into the lives of everyone who lives and works in your nursing home.

With an extra special caring focus on the beautiful residents – as we say here at Forever Therapies, your residents are gold, not old!

With our holistic and relaxation therapies, and our new comfort through the senses programme, and our Marigold recordings. The recordings include our weekly creative themed story and our poetry and lullaby sleep stories, all written and recorded by Georgina! Plus our gift service of carefully selected beautiful products that uplift the senses.  Allow us to scoop up everyone who is important to you into our Cloud of Care!

What’s Included in our weekly Marigold Package

  • Our holistic and relaxation therapies (Residents)
  • Our comfort through the senses and Marigold recordings programme (Residents)
  • Arrival gift for a new resident, or a gift to celebrate a residents birthday or a surprise gift for a resident feeling unwell. Maximum of 2 gifts per month
  • Monthly therapy session or gift for a staff member
  • A complimentary quarterly gift for a family member of a resident


When we look after the residents we are looking after you too, Gran!

A carefully curated package experience inspired by Lizzie, Georgina’s Gran! (This incredible lady was the very reason Georgina created Forever Therapies in 2006!)

Our Marigold package is created with the residents’ and staff members’ needs in mind. It also looks after the families. It won’t just lift their spirits but will awaken their senses and help to bring great comfort and relaxation, soothing the nervous system, enveloping the skin in kindness and looking after their emotional well-being. All while bringing the magic of creative storytelling into the lives of the residents through our Marigold recordings.

In 2021, We piloted our new programme, comfort through the senses, with our Marigold recordings in one of our nursing homes and here is what they have to say about it

“The bright golden sun is dancing with the pale milky clouds and is shining down on the garden lawn, a picture perfect day for your tea dance show.”

This is an extract from one of the themed stories in our Marigold recordings. We deliver this special programme in CareChoice Malahide and we want to deliver it to you too!


Welcome gift For A New Resident Arriving To your Nursisng Home, Plus Staff and Family Gifts.

Gifts delivered to you may vary depending on availability

Daily Calm Solution
Gift Box

After shave balm

Organic Hand Creams
Gift Set

Essentials Reed Room Diffuser & French Organic Hand Cream

French Shower
Gel 200mL

HairOrganic Hair Brush And The Lizzie Clips

Elizabeth Flood – Gran


Who is Lizzie? The queen of queens.

Now let’s step back in time to the 80’s to be exact 1987. If you were in your 20’s you were gracing the dance floor wearing your gold sparkly outfit  with very big hair with gallons of hair spray flying high in the disco-And them larger than life shoulder pads that had a double function of housing your red lipstick.

Free Complimentary Bonuses

Friendship calls with Mandy

Life can get lonely, especially for the elderly. We make sure that there is always someone at the end of the phone. Complimentary ongoing until further notice.

A Gift for a family member every quarter

A gesture of kindness and assurance that their loved ones are in caring hands. Complimentary ongoing until further notice.

Welcome Gift for a new resident arriving to your nursing home

Maximum of 2 free gifts per month for the first 2 months after signing up to the Marigold package.

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