Wild Rose Lotion For Use On Hands and Body

Infused with romantic floral fragrances of gentle Tea Rose, Rose Otto and enriched with fruity notes of sweet juicy plums.

Create a morning or evening ritual with Wild Rose lotion and massage gently into the hands or body to relax the whole self and inhale the beautiful aroma, before the resident starts or closes their day.

Start and end the day feeling well.

Contains-Aloe Leaf Juice, Sunflower Seed oil. Calendula flower.

  1. Beautifully fragrant aroma
  2. Exquisitely Nourishing For The Skin
  3. Bottles are made from PCR recycled plastics
  4. Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free

The Residents Signature Christmas Gifts.

Carefully considered quality gifts for the residents that will bring a sparkle of joy and comfort.
The following is included in the Residents Signature Christmas Gifts Collection-the Christmas card, gift bag with gifts wrapped in attractive tissue paper plus delivery to the Nursing Home.

Please note the prices above are subject to 13.5 percent Vat for our gift service.